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2010 Hershey National Championship Results

2009 Hershey National Championship Results

2007 Hershey National Championship Results

2007 Hershey International Championship Results

2006 Hershey National Championship Results

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Hershey Meet Locator

Hershey-National (See meet schedules, records, etc.)

The Hershey national website provides information about the history of the event which is sponsored by the Hershey Foods Corp. Youth from every state compete at local and state meets to qualify for the national championships held in Hershey, PA each August. The site also has meet results from previous years as well as numerous photos.
We will post information about local and state Hershey meets as well as results if submitted to via the e-mail link below.  If you have a website, submit URL, otherwise submit e-mail of meet director and details.

Submit your Hershey meet information to be posted here!


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